The Changing Japanese Market

The Shift from Drugs for Lifestyle-Related Diseases to Specialty Treatment Drugs.

The Changing Japanese Market

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What is MEDuLiTe?

It is the first website in Japan for continuing medical education (CME),
which is planned, prepared and operated by CareNet.

An educational program specializing in clinical medical information is delivered to CareNet HCP members.

Pharmaceutical companies as clients are involved as the corporate provider (sponsor) of the educational programs.

A New Strategic Platform for Being Selected in the Japanese Market

Transmitting Messages to Targeted HCPs

What Is Special About MEDuLiTe?

What Is Special About MEDuLiTe?

It is centered around programs that focus on specialty.

All of the educational programs provided are non-promotional. This enables the delivery of messages to target HCPs through education on diseases in the target area, and information on treatments from the pre-launch stage where the provision of information on drugs is restricted.

The groundwork for marketing before a launch raises the expectations of HCP, enabling the creation of an environment where reps can approach the target HCP more easily and effectively at the time of the launch.

Why Choose CareNet?

Why Choose CareNet?

HCPs require medical information that is unbiased and supported by a high level of academic evidence. Therefore, the ability to make an independent and highly academic program is necessary for the production of a CME program.

CareNet has continually provided educational programs sought by clinical professionals in Japan for more than 20 years, and will utilize its experience in the planning and operation of MEDuLiTe.

Established in July 2016
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Why We Need a New Approach?

Changes in Target Disorders

Changes in Target Disorders

New Pharmaceuticals Under Development
(as of 2016: Research by CareNet)

The focus of the market will change from drugs for lifestyle-related diseases, such as diabetes medication and antihypertensive drugs, to specialty drugs, such as cancer drugs and orphan drugs.

Change in the Method of Approach

Unlike drugs for lifestyle-related diseases, where many similar drugs exist and “share of voice” relates directly to sales, specialty drugs offer different treatments and drugs for each patient. Therefore, it would be difficult to obtain a desirable effect through traditional product-focused detailing by reps.

Change in the Method of Approach

For these reasons, new strategies will be required in order to handle diverse market changes and capture the Japanese market.

MEDuLiTe, a website planned and operated by CareNet, which specializes in education for HPCs, is focused on the marketing of specialty area.

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