Transmitting Messages to Targeted HCPs

Of the 140,000 HCP members who access CareNet, 83.5% are in charge of making decisions in adopting pharmaceuticals, or are involved in the adoption process. The CareNet website ensures that the targeted HCPs are reached.

Transmitting Messages to Targeted HCPs

What Are the Specialties of CareNet HCP Members?

We cover all therapeutic fields in Japan. Your targeted HCPs are also CareNet members.

What Are the Specialties of CareNet HCP Members?
  • ・Internal Medicine
  • ・Surgery and Breast Surgery
  • ・Gastroenterology
  • ・Cardiovascular (Medicine Surgery)
  • ・Pediatrics
  • ・Orthopedics
  • ・Respiratory medicine
  • ・Dermatology
  • ・Neurology
  • ・Psychiatry and Psychosomatic
  • ・Diabetes, Metabolism, and Endocrinology
  • ・Rehabilitation
  • ・Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • ・Anesthetics
  • ・Neurosurgery
  • ・Urology
  • ・Nephrology
  • ・Radiology
  • ・Hematology
  • ・Collagen Diseases and Rheumatism
  • ・Otorhinolaryngology
  • ・Allergy
  • ・Emergency
  • ・Ophthalmology
  • ・Cardiovascular surgery
  • ・General medicine
  • ・Oncology

Digital Content

The CareNet website for HCP is able to provide various promotional contents (such as the latest diagnostic/treatment methods, newly received information, and case studies) to HCP members and to specific targeted HCPs.

  • Digital Content
    Real-Time Monitoring
  • Digital Content
    Post-Viewing Survey
Before Posting
Email notifications for the distribution of contents will be sent to the targeted HCPs.
During Posting
The access status by HCPs can be monitored on a real-time basis by the clients (pharmaceutical companies).
After Posting
The viewers answer the survey. The clients (pharmaceutical companies) are able to check the status of access, as well as the answers to the survey, on a real-time basis.

Detailing To Lead New HCP Acquisition

e-Detailing to Lead
New HCP Acquisition

Using the promotional contents movies posted on the CareNet website for HCP as the entry point, we conduct e-promotion for doctors who have opted-in, as well as follow-up by remote detailing. This enables the acquisition of new HCPs, in addition to the targeted doctors who have already undergone detailing through reps’ visits.

Outsourcing of Rep Activities

Outsourcing of Rep Activities

In response to the changing resource management along with the life cycle of pharmaceuticals, we are able to design and consign rep activities and operations by combining e-promotion with remote and face-to-face detailing. We are able to meet various needs ranging from the reduction of reps’ visits to prescribing doctors to offering digitally-focused activities.

Web Survey

The client is able to prepare surveys directed to 140,000 HCP members, and put them on the CareNet website for HCPs.

Web Survey

Survey example:Questions on a brand logo image

  • Targeted doctors can be set according to a wide range of parameters, such as clinical department, age, and number of beds.
  • Surveys with a maximum of 5 questions with 108 samples can be prepared at a cost of 200,000 yen per survey.
  • Images can be set for the survey, enabling use for brand image surveys in Japan.
  • Note : The actual survey will be in Japanese as it is intended for use by Japanese HCP.

Streaming of Live Seminars

Information transmitted by KOL will be delivered on a real-time basis to the targeted HCPs.

Streaming of Live Seminars
Before broadcast
We advertise on the CareNet website and send email notifications to targeted HCPs in order to gather an audience for the seminar.
After broadcast
Log data (including the information of participating HCPs and time of entry/exit) and the answers to the HCP survey will be provided to the client (pharmaceutical companies).

Medical information

We transmit the latest information to our HCP members and maintain daily communication with them.

Medical information

We provide information on medical care, including the latest medical news, serial articles by prominent doctors on medical care expertise, risk management, as well as information on various academic conferences.

We provide HCP members with access to articles, literature, and information in each specialty area.

Inquiries for promotional services, marketing,
and local support in the Japanese market