Who We Are

CareNet is a marketing company providing various solutions to pharma companies through the management of media specialized in medical/pharmaceutical education for HCPs. For more than 20 years and since its foundation in 1996, CareNet has continually provided places for exchanging therapeutic information, as well as valuable solutions to HCPs and pharmaceutical companies from the position of the No. 1 media in clinical medical education.

CareNet Hosted Sites for HCPs
CareNet Hosted Sites for HCPs

CareNet Hosted Sites for HCPs

Through the CareNet-managed website for HCPs, pharmaceutical companies actively engage not only in traditional e-detailing, but also in market surveys prior to launch, as well as providing medical contents such as CME. Clients are able to roll out the appropriate activities that are needed at each stage in the lifecycle of pharmaceuticals.

Website with Access to 130,000 of 240,000 HCPs in Japan

HCP Database

130,000 of 240,000 HCPs in Japan, or 1 in 2 HCPs in the country, view CareNet website for the collection of medical and pharmaceutical information. The HCP members have diverse specialties, enabling pharmaceutical companies to ensure approaches to target HCPs through the utilization of the HCP member database. We confirm the identity of the members as doctors at the time of registration and take strict measures for legal and compliance matters.

Various Promotional and
Non-Promotional Approaches

CareNet founded Japan’s first website specializing in CME (continuing medical education) as a place to provide academic information useful for the lifelong learning of HCPs. We also engage in non-promotional activities, including education on disease treatment and new drug therapies.