Utilization of IP Address and Cookies

CareNet shall utilize, mainly for the following purposes, the IP addresses of all users recorded in the access logs on the websites managed and operated by CareNet:
⮚ To pinpoint the cause for and solve a problem that may occur in the server
⮚ To manage the websites

● In addition, CareNet may use cookies. Cookies are small data files transmitted between a website server and the user’s web browser and may be stored in the user’s disk as a file. By using cookies, the websites can keep records of what pages are visited by users. CareNet shall use cookies for the following purposes:
⮚ To enable a user to avoid having to input the password each time the user accesses the website
⮚ To grasp and analyze all users access
⮚ To provide medical care information and advertising information that meet the concerns of all users

● You may set your Web browsers to refuse all cookies, or to display a warning when you have received cookies, if you so wish. However, if you set your Web browsers to refuse all cookies, you may experience restrictions on the use of the services.

【About access grasp and analysis】

CareNet uses “Google Analytics” (provided by Google) to grasp the access status of all users. Google Analytics is a service that Google uses cookies to collect the access history of all users accessed our service. CareNet analyzes the access information collected by Google. (CareNet may be associated its information with other information of the user.) Information collected by Google is managed based on Google’s privacy policy. Please check the links listed below for details.
⮚ Google Analytics Terms of Service
⮚ Google Privacy Policy
Also, if you want to disable Google Analytics, you can do so by following the instructions in the Google Analytics opt-out add-on (https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout).

【About provision of advertisement】

CareNet may, when having entrusted its business to a third party for the provision of advertisement, use cookies via such entrustee. CareNet shall properly select and supervise such entrustee in accordance with the relevant rules of CareNet. Furthermore, CareNet may utilize advertisement distribution services provided by third parties. In such cases, said third parties may acquire and use cookies. Cookies acquired by said third parties shall be handled in accordance with the privacy policies of said third parties.

● If you wish to inactivate the use of cookies concerning the provision of advertisement, you may access the opt-out page on each website where an advertisement is displayed and inactivate the use of cookies in accordance with the relevant procedure. In an advertisement indicated using cookies in general, a mark for accessing the opt-out page is indicated on the upper right corner of the advertisement. Clicking the mark enables you to access the opt-out page. Any advertisement that uses cookies is no longer displayed after the opt-out procedure has been taken. However, after changing your browser, deleting cookies or replacing your computer, you must follow the op-out procedure again.

【About the use of social networking service (SNS)】

If you are logged in to a certain SNS and you are viewing a website where the “button”, etc. of the SNS is installed, Even if you do not press the “button” or the like, the information such as the user ID and the site you are accessing to the SNS from the browsed website may be sent automatically. For more information, please refer to the link below

Matters to be noted concerning the installation of “buttons” etc. of SNS on the personal information protection committee
Please check the privacy policy of each SNS on the website of
each operating company

Response to Inquiries Concerning Retained Personal Data and Other Personal Information

CareNet shall, on receiving from you a request to notify the purpose of use of, disclose, correct, add or delete the contents of, cease use of, erase, and cease third-party provision of, retained personal data (such actions shall be hereinafter referred to as “disclosure, etc.”), without delay conduct an investigation and properly respond to such request for disclosure, etc.