Bequeath Creditable Japanese Health Care to the Next Generation

Japanese health care is now experiencing a severe situation.But such a situation is also an opportunity. We believe that this is an important opportunity to clearly illustrate our vision of health care and to take action to implement our vision.

We will do our best, and we hope to deserve more recommendations and a higher reputation from HCPs that “CareNet is truly helpful for clinical treatment”. We wish to become an indispensable in helping in the efforts by all HCPs to improve Japanese health care.

In order to bequeath creditable Japanese health care to the next generation, we will focus on cooperating with HCPs and promise to take prompt action.

CareNet, Inc.
Chairman and CEO

Motoyasu Ohno

President and COO

Katsuhiro Fujii

Corporate Philosophy

Our Philosophy

CareNet offers educational media for clinical medicine that can bring into reality a society where patients efficiently receive high quality medical treatment. We provide and share information about medicine, offer evidence on the efficacy of drug treatment, and share our knowledge and experience in medical science with more HCPs to help them make the best decisions.

Our Value

  • Provide services for member HCPs
  • Provide reliable information for daily clinical treatment
  • Share information based on reliable evidence with perspicuity
  • Encourage and support HCPs to share information and knowledge of clinical treatment
  • Introduce cutting-edge information and communication technology (ICT) for HCP members

Our Spirit

BringTo Medicine

Obviously, medical information should be academic and based on reliable evidence. In addition, information should be exciting for HCPs. We want to plan, produce, and provide exciting information. Our goal is to offer educational media for clinical medicine, which creates excitement.

Company Overview

Company Overview
As of Dec. 31, 2017
Company name CareNet, Inc.
Location Risona-kudan Building, 1-5-6, Kudan-minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Foundation July, 1996
Number of employees 93
  • ・Pharmaceutical sales support for pharmaceutical companies
  • ・Medical information for HCPs
As of Mar. 28, 2018
Chairman and CEO Motoyasu Ohno
President and COO Katsuhiro Fujii
Director Ko Takahashi
Director Kanji Fujii
Director Hiroshi Kazama
Director Ayaki Miyaji
Corporate Auditor Yoshiro Morohashi
Corporate Auditor Tatsuo Tanaka (*)
Corporate Auditor Eishu Hai (*)

* Includes outside corporate auditors

Organization Chart
As of Mar. 28, 2017