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Cramer’s coefficient of association is an analytical method used to determine the correlation between two data categories.

Table 1 shows the relationship between the type of facility to which a doctor belongs and the prescription of drugs for a particular disease.

[Table 1] Cross tabulation of drug prescriptions and physician affiliations

Looking at the response rates, the drugs prescribed by doctors differ depending on the management type of the facility to which they belong. Thus, there is a relationship between the management style of the physician’s facility and the drugs prescribed. However, although a relationship was found, its strength could not be determined from the cross-tabulation table.

In such cases, the Cramer’s coefficient of association is an analysis method that reveals the strength of the relationship between two items of categorical data. Cramer’s coefficient of association has a value between 0 and 1; the higher the value, the stronger the association.

Degree of strength of association

There is no statistical standard for Cramer’s coefficient of association indicating a relationship. The standards are generally set as listed in Table 2.

[Table 2] Strengths of association of Cramer’s coefficient of association

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